In Maine

I have been reading The Yellow Coat in local libraries.This summer I read at Witherle Memorial Library in Castine. The Ellsworth Library, where Keirsten from Mortons Moo the local ice cream shop joined me and passed out cups of delicious home made ice cream. It was great! The children listened to a wonderful story as they ate their home made butter-scotch, strawberry and chocolate ice creams. In July, my son joined me for  a reading at the Library in North East Harbor.

The Yellow Coat is now being offered at the Maine Crafts Association. Both in person at their shop off I-95 and on their web site. It is also at Bella Luna Toys in Rockland.

I am looking forward to more book readings and getting ready to read at maine Public Schools this fall. Thank You to everybody who has bought a copy for either themselves, or for someone they love.

This life is all about spreading the LOVE!


Abaco, Bahamas

I was fortunate to be able to do two book readings during my time in the Bahamas. First with Miss D’s first/second grade class in Hope Town at their wonderful, peaceful, school on the hill.

And at the amazing Every Child Counts school in Marsh Harbor where I read my book as well as many other titles, to an attentive audience of young kids during my time volunteering at their campus.


Angel Friends

I am holding the vision for The Yellow Coat to appear in a Hard Cover addition.  I am both writer and publisher with very little capital to even be thinking about doing this, however when I see a vision this clearly I have no right not to make it come alive. I keep on moving forward against all financial odds asking friends, family and strangers to please pre- buy a copy of this beautiful book.

Last week my angel investors came to me, as if in a dream and I cried. To know that I have two amazing friends that believe in me, and The Yellow Coat project, is very moving and I am extremely grateful for your presence in my life. A thousand thank yous.  Also, thank you to every one who pre-bought a hard bound copy.

The books are in the ocean now, traveling to our shore so that they can be in your mailboxes by mid October, if all goes as planned. Which I believe it will.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel-basket. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.







Eugene Schwartz- A very powerful quote

Wow, it is March in Maine and although there is still a bunch of snow on the ground, I am happy to be infused with these longer days of light. We are a family of artists and readers. The kids are doing paintings of foxes and penguins tonight and we read about 4 books before bed time. I have only just begun the promotion of The Yellow Coat and I am already thinking about my next book. I hope it will be as beautiful.

I am so grateful to Eugene Schwartz for writing this beautiful and genuine quote for my book. He greatly appreciates my story, which is everybody’s story, and the feeling I have captured. Of course the paintings them selves tell the story in their own way. Thank You.

Please visit and be inspired.

“RudoIph Steiner spoke about the child’s model body. By this he meant a body that is “lent” by the parents to the child for the first 7 to 9 years of his life. In the past, childhood illnesses like measles and mumps etc. would break down this model body, following which the child would emerge into his own skin as a true individual.         

From an anthroposophical point of view, you have captured this phase of a boys life perfectly. And this is an unusual theme for a children’s book. I, for one, am grateful to see this appear in a children’s story.”   – Eugene Schwartz, Educational Consultant,

“In this book Christina Montano has captured the essence of loss and transformation that is such a crucial part of childhood. Like a butterfly, the story’s little boy protagonist must experience the falling-away of his early childhood to re-emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis. The delightful illustrations tell their own story even as the narrative moves forward. Altogether this is a perfect tale for a child facing the certainty of growth amidst the uncertainties of modern life.”   –Eugene Schwartz,  Educational Consultant,


Library Reading

I had a wonderful  reading at the Belfast Library On October 5. Many young children enjoyed listening to The Yellow Coat. We ate a snack of  butterfly crackers and  red grapes while decorating paper cut-outs of yellow coats. Thank you to Jane Thompson the children s librarian who  created  a fun and relaxing morning for me.


Blue Hill Library Reading

Blue Hill Maine. August 25, 2012

My first reading of The Yellow Coat was well received. The dappled sunlight filtering through the leaves of a big overarching birch tree, which our gathering sat beneath, in the garden, added texture to the already blissfully blue sky day.   Children who attended and their parents and grand-parents alike all enjoyed the story. Everyone joined in on  the brief discussion we had after the reading. We spoke about the items in our lives which we love, and want to hold onto.  The illustrator Ade van Duyn was present to answer questions about the illustrations and her specific art techniques.We were server butterfly crackers with cheese and veggies and the children were able to draw and color their favorite items.

Gratitude and thanks to all of those who came out to support me.





What people are saying…

The Yellow Coat… Some Quotes

“This endearing story, with it’s warm and gentle light infused illustrations, honors that part in all of us, when we find that special something that helps us to feel happy, safe, and secure”. – Rebekah Raye  Artist, Illustrator, Author East Blue Hill, Maine

“Enjoy the amazing nature that surrounds us, for we are truly ‘one’ with  nature, always have been and always will be.”  – Jon Anderson Singer, Song writer, Musician“

A wonderful story for all ages, which, much in the tradition of the story of the phoenix rising from its own ashes, illuminates the possibility of allowing the old to serve as the template for transmutation into the new. To me this is an ongoing story in any person interested in inner transformation. Magically illustrated, to keep all ages attentive.”–Steve Curtin D.O. Blue Hill,

“What we love, we protect. This story will delight children and parents alike, who care for what they love.”  – Zoe Weil President, Institute for Humane Education Surry, Maine

“A beautifully illustrated story about a boy who rediscovers the comfort and security in the love of his family: The perfect bedtime story.”  –  Daniel Hays Author Brooklin, Maine



Thank you for all of your orders of The Yellow Coat!! I am so thrilled and will  have your copies sent out by June 30 2012.

I need your help…please tell 10 of your friends who have children about this beautiful, brilliantly illustrated book. So that I can pre-sell 100 copies.

This will be my first “run” as a publisher. I am doing  all of my own publicity and it is going very well.